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Wills & Estates
We assist our clients in various estate planning matters including enduring powers of attorney and health care directives. These services range from preparation of simple wills to establishment of testamentary trusts for more complex matters. We also touch on binding death benefit nominations for client’s superannuation, which is largely not paid attention to and can lead to difficult outcomes for loved ones upon the passing of the superfund owner. With less than 50% of Australians having appropriate estate planning solutions in place, Solomons Legal guides clients to see the value in having up to date wills, enduring powers of attorney, guardianship documentation and binding death benefit nominations. Having these fundamental documents, and keeping them updated, can relieve loved ones of unnecessary stress and financial hardship. Our Wills and Estates team, located in both Brisbane and Sydney, can assist you to develop your own estate planning strategy, giving you the security of knowing that your wishes concerning your estate have been legally recorded. Our team prides itself on: creating an environment where clients feel at ease whilst estate planning; recognising that every set of life circumstances is unique; prompting clients to consider relevant scenarios in a compassionate way; ensuring the process and implications are understood; delivering estate planning solutions, regardless of how complex a situation might be. Our team’s expertise combined with purpose-built technology and a streamlined process, make Solomons Legal a leader an obvious estate planning advisor.
Wills & Estates

Our Services Include:

Drafting simple Wills
Testamentary Trust Wills
Enduring Powers of Attorney (across all Australian jurisdictions)
Advance Healthcare Directives
Enduring Guardianship
SMSF - Binding Death Benefit Nominations
SMSF & Trust Deed Reviews
Estate Administration

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